Thursday, May 19th, 2022

What to do if a cavity starts to hurt?

Tooth decay is one of the most widespread conditions in the world. It appears both in children and adults who do not take proper care of their oral hygiene. It is identified when the bacteria that accumulate in our mouth destroy the enamel and create a cavity in the tooth.

Normally, tooth decay does not cause great problems, beyond damaging the aesthetics of our mouth and showing insufficient hygiene habits. However, if we do not treat it and allow the tissues to continue to destroy, the decay will reach the dental pulp and internal nerves, causing pain and strong tooth sensitivity.

If you have a cavity and you have allowed time to pass without healing it, you may find yourself in this situation. You should know that if the infection continues to advance and attack the tissues, the removal of the piece may be necessary. Luckily, to avoid reaching such an extreme, at Arrasate dental clinic we can treat the deepest cavities with a root canal.

Cure a deep cavity: endodontics in Donostia

Caries is a condition that originates as a result of the accumulation of bacteria and acids in our mouth. This mixture of microorganisms is transformed into what we call “dental plaque” and remains attached to the tissues of our mouth. Little by little, the acids and bacteria dissolve the enamel and slowly destroy the tooth.

But his journey does not end there. If left untreated, tooth decay continues to advance until it reaches the dental pulp. This tissue, which contains the internal nerves of the tooth, is responsible for perceiving stimuli such as heat or cold. Therefore, if the pulp is attacked by an infection, it will send signals that the person will perceive as intense pain. This is when you know you need a root channel.

With this treatment, the tissues damaged by this condition are removed and the internal canals of the tooth are cleaned. The space is then re-filled with biocompatible material sealants to prevent the reoccurrence of cavities and another infection. Finally, the tooth is reconstructed, either with a prosthesis or with a crown, to restore the aesthetics of the patient’s smile, as well as its functionality.

Although endodontics is a safe procedure and is performed under local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain, it would be more comfortable to be able to avoid it by treating the cavities before placing a filling or, directly, preventing its appearance. Come to our dental clinic whether you want to have a root canal in Donostia, or if you want to receive some preventive advice on dental health from a trusted dentist.

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