Friday, July 1st, 2022

Summer vibes 2022

Weather is so unpredictable. The days are getting longer and we’re finally beginning to see some sun, but it only takes one storm for me not want go outside again! It’s like nature has a mind of its own-you can’t predict anything with these crazy weather patterns nowadays..I hope this heat wave lasts because as much as I love wearing short sleeves in 60 degree Fahrenheit weather (or even colder), there isn’t much incentive when temperatures drop below freezing at night time or on weekends; Bring back those warm summer nights where everyone could stay up late without needing jackets–we miss them dearly!!Weather is always a topic to discuss and it doesn’t seem like we will be able
to escape from talking about the cold soon. However, I am dreaming of warmer days where you don’t have your clothes covered in layers because they’re too heavy for one day out of three or four that are warm enough! The sun has been absent from our lives way too long now; we miss those hot summer evenings by sitting on porch swing just chatting away while enjoying nature’s beauty together as friends do what comes naturally-enjoying each other company over good food shared amongst loved ones… Thanks to the warm weather, summer is that time where everyone tends to head for the beach. It’s a time to lounge out in the sun while the ocean waves crash on the shore. Not only that though, summer is a period of adventuring. Many families choose to go on vacation during summer months, when their kids are out of school, and visit new and different places. With summer comes more time and that time can be spent adventuring through Netflix or adventuring to the beach. It’s whatever you want!

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