Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Fight Night Round 3 For The Xbox 360

EA Sport’s Fight Night Round 3 is hands down the greatest boxing game ever. EA’s King of the Ring series that was before Fight Night series tended to be a disappointment every year. Fight Night 3 is the culmination of the corrections made to the earlier Fight Night games. The graphics are amazing up to the point where you can see beads of sweat dripping off the guys foreheads. It also has realistic facial damage that you can see during the corner cut games in between rounds.

However, I will say the controls of Fight Night 3 are at best hard to get used to. Since the game heavily discourages button mashing, you will not find much action in the button department. All of the punches are controlled by the right stick. The achievements in Xbox 360 version of this game should be pretty easy for anyone to get all 1000 points. This doesn’t mean you won’t go back and play the game because you will not have really mastered many of the punches by the time you have gotten all 1000 pts. This will allow you to go back and learn something new every time you play.

One feature I really liked about this game was in fight mini games that can be started by hitting you opponent with one of you haymaker punches. This sends you opponent into an instant daze where he is eligible to be knocked down or it will start a mini game from your opponents point of view at which time you can down you opponent with a well placed haymaker. You probably wont see many of these mini games when you first play the game. The move is difficult to learn and will take you awhile to learn how to pull it off.

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