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Does a hair transplant procedure hurt?

A hair transplant surgery is not a painful procedure. However, it also depends on the type of procedure you are getting.  Even the foremost minimally invasive or benign medical procedures do have a point of discomfort, and a hair transplant is not an exception. fortuitously the “pain” is temporary. Most patients report virtually no pain whatever and describe a hair transplant as awfully simple and somewhat pleasant expertise.

The only real discomfort a patient feels throughout a hair transplant involves the desensitizing medication. Once the scalp is prepped and is given anaesthesia for numbing, a patient feels nothing throughout the complete procedure. The method of desensitizing the scalp is finished in two parts: desensitizing within the donor space from where the doctor will take the grafts and desensitizing within the recipient space wherever the doctor will implant the new grafts. 

During Surgery

Patients might feel nothing throughout the extraction facet of surgery once the desensitizing medication is applied. However, a hair transplant, simplified, is completed in two parts:

Front-Injection – Feller & Bloxham Medical

DrBloxham injected desensitizing medication into the recipient space.

Removal of the grafts from the donor and re-implantation of the grafts within the recipient areas. Similar to within the donor region, the recipient region should be numbed before the doctor will create incisions and therefore the grafts are placed back on the scalp. This method is just like the donor numbing; the doctor can inject constant anaesthesia into the recipient region or a lot of accurately,

After the desensitizing sets in, the doctor and technicians will add the world while not the patient feeling something. Getting a professional and best hair transplant surgeon that will help in desensitizing the recipient region is the final thing the patient can feel is the complete day. After this, the complete scalp from the front to the donor within the back is numb. the complete surgery will currently be completed with no discomfort. whereas the patient might want to readjust and take breaks to stretch and walk around to avoid the discomfort of sitting for an extended amount, there’ll be no physical pain from the surgery itself.

After Surgery

Patients report little to no discomfort once after surgery still. The doctor can re-administer the desensitizing medication once the surgery is finished. this implies the patient has around three hours of symptom before it wears off and any variety of potential discomfort might occur. The patient currently has three hours to induce back to wherever they’re staying, get settled, and, most significantly, begin the post-operative pain medications. If the patient takes the oral medication as educated and builds up some pain medication in their system before the desensitizing wears off, they ought to transition nicely and feel no discomfort. they will then take the pain medications many a lot of times as educated the night of surgery, and attend bed unpainful. By consequent morning, all the pain ought to be gone.


Therefore, because of anaesthesia and post-operative pain medications, no, a hair transplant isn’t painful. whereas no surgery is utterly painless and a few temporary and certain temporary level of discomfort is feasible, a hair transplant is the most effective procedure for getting your hair back. A Hair Transplant Procedure can give you instant healthy hair strands if executed by a professional.

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