Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Crypto casino: what is it?

Public interest in cryptocurrencies has waxed and waned in recent years, peaking in 2017 when the bitcoin price skyrocketed.

However, in recent weeks, the public’s gaze has turned back to cryptocurrency as bitcoin is rising again. Therefore, online casinos with cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, but you can also play there for free. The world’s most famous cryptocurrency is worth nearly $30000 per coin – an all-time historical record – up from $400 just five years earlier. That’s a 50-fold increase in half a decade that traditional stockbrokers and fund managers could only dream of.

The appeal of cryptocurrency casinos

People have always been attracted to “get rich quick” offers, and that is exactly what bitcoin is to many whose interest has been piqued. Indeed, some have become very rich because of this phenomenon. And it could be said that this same spirit has attracted us to gambling since time immemorial: the ability to put everything on the line and potentially walk away with double the money.

Digital currencies have been circulating for a long time. Ever since they were invented, many people have become interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, over the past two years, exchanges like Binance have registered a huge number of new accounts.

As cryptocurrencies became popular, different industries began to offer coins as a payment method. Online betting is one industry that has widely adopted digital currencies as deposit/withdrawal options. It is now easy to use any of the most common coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, for online casino betting. 

What is online crypto gambling?

Simply put, crypto wild casino real money CA is betting at casinos using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin. These digital currencies have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Especially now, with the global pandemic, people have been forced to look for online payment alternatives in different industries.

In online gambling, we are used to playing with the dollar, euro, or pound sterling. But now, you can use any of the most popular cryptocurrencies to fund and withdraw from your casino accounts. But why exactly are cryptocurrencies so popular in the online gambling industry? Read on to find out.

Why cryptocurrency gambling is popular

  • Security. One of the best things about cryptocurrency is that players get to enjoy safe and secure online gambling on casino sites. In most cases, all you have to do is provide your wallet address for the funds to be sent to your account. Thus, unlike traditional casinos where you have to provide bank account details, here, you don’t have to provide any private information in order to cash out your winnings.
  • Anonymity. You can be assured of privacy when playing with cryptocurrencies at an online casino. Unlike credit cards, your bitcoin wallet address will not contain any private information. In addition, your casino transactions will not show up at the end of the month, as they do with bank statements.
  • Decentralization. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. This allows users to make transactions between themselves without the need for a central governing body like banks. Thus, it makes them convenient for players who do not want to go through the complicated bank rules associated with creating an account and depositing/withdrawing funds. Decentralizing cryptocurrency allows users to easily track their transactions. Consequently, you won’t have to require monthly bank statements to keep track of all your casino spending.
  • Investment options. The price of cryptocurrency is volatile. This can be bad and good at the same time. If you’re a gambler who likes to make investments, you can hold onto coins when their value is low and sell them when it’s high and make a profit. For example, as of this writing, the price of BTC to the U.S. dollar is 1BTC: $44189, and in the middle of last month, it was around $35k.
  • Widespread acceptance. Online gambling is a huge industry. They are available in many countries. But one major limitation is that some payment methods are not available in all countries. That’s why playing casino games with bitcoins is preferred. This is because these cryptocurrencies are not restricted to most countries. This means that any player who has a Bitcoin casino account can conveniently make deposits and withdrawals wherever they are, which has caused a boom in the crypto gambling industry.


Using digital currencies in the iGaming industry has its advantages. For this reason, most players welcome the idea of playing at online casino sites that support cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Thus, it is safe to say that the crypto gambling industry will continue to grow in the coming years.

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