Thursday, July 7th, 2022

Best Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out

Old houses offer so much to a homeowner – a glimpse into the most cherished memories, quirky features, a bagful of characters and most importantly, heritage. Renovating an old house can bring numerous challenges, typically when you want something ingenious and creative. Create a wow factor with these amazing ideas from the best heritage renovations builders in Sydney.

Extend Your Home to the Outdoor

If your old home looks shabby and dull, give it a makeover by connecting it with the garden. It will bring more light and transform the space while still exuding a classic touch. For instance, you can install a huge picture window in the living room or kitchen that offers a breathtaking view of the garden. Adding a sliding door will further make the space extendable to the outdoor.

And if you own a brilliant waterfront home, you can open up the interior to blend with the outdoor and enjoy the mesmerising sea view. Picture windows work great to render a vivid view of the sea. To highlight the bay view, you can add simple and minimalist design elements like wood grain and natural cabinets that lead right to the sea.

Top waterfront home builders in Sydney can recommend the best ideas to accentuate the look and functionality of your waterfront home.

3. Add a Voluminous Touch to the Space

When considering renovating a heritage home, you are likely to focus more on the floor space. You tend to overlook the space above. However, through smart renovation, you can make even a cramped heritage bungalow look voluminous.

Consider including soaring vaulted roofs, enormous picture windows, or intelligently installed roof lights. These will make the space feel more spacious and airy. Additionally, try to keep the internal walls to a bare minimum. This will further accentuate the look and feel of the space.

4. Incorporate Ceiling Glazing

If you are working with waterfront home builders in Sydney to renovate your old house, a brilliant idea is to use ceiling glazing. This can be done by installing roof lanterns or roof lights that can add more light to dark spaces. They also make compact spaces feel airy.


Not sure how to make your old home renovation aspirations come true? Consult the best heritage renovations builders in Sydney to have creative ideas that make your home beautiful and more functional.

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