Saturday, November 27th, 2021

7 Most Popular Interior Decorating Trends Of 2021

Trends are ever-changing. They tend to change and evolve with time. Basically, trends in fashion are influenced by culture and tradition from all around the world. Trends change because people change and their priority also changes. At some point, people want to wear peacock feathers but after some time they might want to wear a delicate elegant dress full of pearls and rhinestones.

Again, the trend changes with the change in choices of the people. So, how can we not expect a change in the interior decorating trends of 2021? Though, it is not necessary that the styles get totally changed. With mixing and matching and getting inspired from the styles of 2020, the styles of 2021 are designed.

You can get inspired by these ideas and can use these styling tips for interior decorating the house.

1.      Creative designs using a bold colour palette:

This style is best for people who like to be creative and play with bold colours. The usage of bold colours in the house has become a trend in no time. Many people started to follow this trend. Bold colours with the addition of muted or nude colours give an artistic edge to the room and look very nice.

2.      Utilization of wall murals in the interior:

Wall murals look very nice and give a trendy and chic look to any room in which they are used. They are an easy upgrade and renovation for any room. The trend of Painters and decorators in London with wall murals originated from the earliest paintings in the Chauvet Cave of France.

3.      Opting for a contemporary theme:

A mix of warm amber tones with mellow meadow prints and beautiful embroidery gives a nice modern touch to the room. Such a type of theme is perfect for giving a nice and cosy vibe to your room. It uplifts the whole spirit and gives a modern-country kind of vibe.

4.      Vintage elements can never go out of fashion:

Vintage pieces and vintage interior designing have always been in trend and have tough competition in the market. Antique and retro pieces change the whole aesthetics of the room and give a very vintage and fabulous vibe. You can never really go wrong with vintage pieces for interior decorating.

5.      Make a ‘home office’:

During the pandemic, there was a very much need for a home office. Since everybody was working from home, a space within the house was required which could totally be dedicated to your work. So making a ‘home office’ the focal point of your room became a trend.

6.      Going with maximalist and luxurious interiors:

In 2021, people started to give their homes a dramatic touch of luxury. Luxury Divan Beds and theme walls became common in each and every room. People shifted from minimalism to maximalism and started to highly decorate their interiors with it.

7.      Moderate usage of houseplants:

Another popular trend which you might have seen on YouTube or on Instagram in the stories of influencers is the moderate use of houseplants inside the house for remaining close to nature. They bring vibrancy and colours to the home and look beautiful at the same time. Houseplants have never been more fashionable. 

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