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5 Style Mistakes that Men Consistently Make

Style and wearing guidelines may appear straightforward at times, but there are typical style blunders that might threaten your performance at work. We have seen men make the same style blunders over and over again through the years. Because, as a young man, it can be difficult to build your own particular style. At this age, most clothing selections are either too mature or overtly childlike. Your life may be moving quicker than your clothes, making it difficult to keep up. This transitional period can result in some less-than-savory fashion decisions.

 So, we compiled a list of the top mistakes we constantly see. Continue reading to discover about these style blunders and how to avoid them.

Severely Over or Under Dressing

One of the most prevalent style faults that young males usually make is a complete lack of formality. For many of us, young adulthood is the first time we are exposed to circumstances with varying degrees of formality. So, without prior experience, determining the appropriate level of attire for each occasion can be quite difficult. Because of this lack of expertise, men wear an “interview suit” to a casual meal, where wearing slacks and a dress shirt would be appropriate. On such occasions, a V-neck sweater with a button-down is a go-to look. However, if the event is more casual, pair your custom raglan shirt with jeans and casual leather shoes.

Relying On Trends Instead of Timeless Fashion

The second mistake that men usually make is following the trend. If celebrities are wearing something in a certain way does not mean that it will suit everyone. So, it is better for young men to avoid following the trend. Instead, they should follow timeless fashion by wearing suits, dress shoes, and outerwear. Because it gives them a classic appearance and adds sophistication to their ensemble.

Concentrate on traditional colors, materials, and designs. This will increase project maturity while also saving you a lot of money in the long run. Once you have established a solid foundation of fundamentals, feel free to experiment with trends through accessories, t-shirts like a custom raglan shirt, sneakers, and other low-cost items. In addition to this, you should also consider your body form, location, and climate.

Sharp Dress Shoes and Casual Denim

Although men can undoubtedly wear their dress shoes with jeans — it’s simply a matter of finding the right balance. If you are doing this, you are combining a classic blue-collar fabric with a masculine staple. But the problem occurs when young guys wear their damaged, light wash, loose-fitting denim with very polished dress shoes. This outfit often falls short. Avoid it at all costs because no one will like them when you wear them.

Instead of this, choose narrow dark denim teamed with chunkier dress shoes for this look to work. Wingtips in medium to dark brown are the easiest to achieve.

Moreover, people sometimes wear athletic socks with dress shoes. This combination is a complete no-no, even if the color of the socks is black, gray, or navy blue. Men should try to wear the appropriate socks with formal dress shoes.  

Wearing Untucked “Dress” Shirts

Dress shirts are made with long tails to keep them tucked into your pants. They should never be worn untucked. Wear casual collared shirts untucked, such as an Oxford button-down, but never with a suit or sports coat, and only if the shirttails hit mid crotch/mid-buttock.

Although, wearing a button-front shirt untucked in a casual atmosphere is a great approach to strike a balance between casual and formal. However, the same goes with dress shoes and jeans, you must strike the correct blend of casual and formal. So, never wear a formal dress untucked. Furthermore, some fashion features, such as brighter fabric and excessively structured collars and cuffs, can dominate the intended informal aesthetic.

For a casual untucked look, choose a shirt with a button-down collar, unstructured cuff, shorter tail, and less formal fabric. And save real dress shirts for more formal occasions.

Being Too Matchy-Matchy

Last but not the least, blending patterns, textures, and different clothing styles into a coherent outfit is not something that you can learn quickly. This first barrier frequently leads to numerous young males precisely matching distinct elements.

It’s one thing to consider how your outfit’s components complement one another. However, this does not imply that your tie, pocket square, and socks must all have the same color or pattern. Especially if your shirt and your accessories are both the same color. This type of extreme matching is common at formal gatherings such as weddings. While such a style is acceptable, it does not convey mastery in the art of dressing.

While you’re learning the art of matching, keep your clothing simple. By using largely neutrals as your base, you may add some color without spoiling the overall design. Try to blend contrasting colors rather than exact matching.

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