Monday, May 23rd, 2022

2 Places for Visitors on a Desert Safari!

Desert safaris are excursions to the desert where one is able to experience the various aspects of this sand-dried terrain. These trips are ideal for those who are awed by excitement, adventure, and a sense of novelty. There’s a fantastic chance to see animals in the Sahara Desert, go hunting for fossils in the sand hills, visit the towns of oasis in Tunisia, or go on an excursion on a camel in Morocco.

The desert adventure is an excursion into Dubai’s desert landscape, in which you’ll find nothing but endless oceans of sand. It is a trip that is filled with stunning beauty, utter tranquility, and heart-pounding excitement. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to explore the desert on your own with the option of a self-drive, or opt for an all-inclusive trip on a desert safari.

Self-driving is a cheaper option. However, choose this option only when you own an efficient and well-maintained 4X4 vehicle. Furthermore, you need to be a skilled driver who is able to navigate across the exquisite desert sands. To drive around Dubai and, of course, its desert, it is necessary to hold an international driving license. However, if you’d like to learn more about the desert lifestyle and culture from the inside out, there is nothing better than a full-time desert safari.

Al Avir is the closest town to the Rub al Khali desert. With just over 3000 people, Al Avir is located in the northernmost area of Oman and is just 7km from the Saudi Arabian border. The town is located on a well-maintained highway which takes you into Salalah City. Al Avir also has many stunning hilly landscapes with lots of old trees.

Al Lahbab is another beloved desert safari destination, situated approximately 40–50 minutes away from Dubai. It is located on the highway that lies between Dubai and Sharjah along the Dubai-Sharjah border. It stands out from other desert locations due to its captivating beauty and stunning red-sand beaches.

Finally, a desert safari is a visit to the desert, which provides visitors with a variety of activities.

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